How to Safely Lop or Trim Trees Using Pole Pruners and Telescopic Tree Pruners

Why Lop or Prune a Tree?

There are numerous reasons why a tree may require trimming or maybe lopping, below are a few scenarios:

Powerful wind gusts have brought about damage and made limbs quite unsafe.

Trimming out diseased or unhealthy appearing limbs could help the tree to continue living for a great many more years.

Countless trees grow to be overcrowded near the centre as branches cross over. Branches rubbing with each other while the wind gusts can lead to possible damage and permit disease to get into the tree. Light trimming removing the heart eliminates the potential cause but also allows in air and light.

The tree under consideration is now overgrown preventing light getting to flora or bushes in the understory or maybe even significantly lessening light into the home.

No matter what the problem is a little bit of tree surgery might be needed.

When to Use a Tree Surgeon?

For those who own a substantial well-established tree that requires significant surgery the guideline is always to speak to a specialist tree surgeon. A professional tree surgeon not simply has the knowledge coupled with years of practical experience and safety gear, they should also have the necessary insurance coverage in place should something seriously go amiss.

And it also cannot be stressed more fervently that if there exists one risky task which should most certainly not be undertaken by an inexperienced gardener or homeowner it is going up a tree and working with a powered garden tool like a chainsaw.

Do You Have the Required Knowledge?

If you are going to lop or trim a small tree begin by studying your topic. Fruit trees are usually the typical smaller sized tree which the gardener might wish to trim but when you get it drastically wrong or perhaps trim at the incorrect time of year you will likely lose that or perhaps the following years fruit.

Having explored the topic of tree trimming and are comfortable you are at ease with exactly what is needed of you the time is right to ensure you possess the proper tool or tools to do the job. If perhaps experience lets us know anything it is that every task is completed a lot easier and with less risk to health when you have the suitable tool to hand.

Choosing Tree Pruning Tools

At the most simple end of the spectrum you will find the hand pruner such as you may employ to trim a shrubby plant. Utilizing an anvil blade or maybe cross over scissor motion they are perfect for cuts done on twigs no greater than a couple of centimetres thick which are up to as high as or just over eye level.

But then how about those branches which might be way over the head of the gardener?

In days gone by often there was just one alternative to undertake the task and that was to take out the ladders and carry up something such as a greenwood saw. Should this be your chosen methodology then make sure you follow all the highly recommended safety guidelines and just make use of a hand tool, working with a chain saw if you are trying to maintain your balance on a ladder leaning against a tree is one thing that cannot be endorsed.

Thankfully there exists a lot less dangerous technique of cutting off branches which are way over head height. You can purchase a long handled tree lopper whereby the gardener draws on a trigger handgrip which powers the cutting blades. In addition there are powered pole pruners with fixed height as well as a telescopic extension function. These types of garden appliances are offered for sale with varying names and a selection of possibilities includes pole pruner, pole saw, tree lopper, long reach pruner, telescopic tree pruner, telescopic pole pruner not to mention telescopic tree lopper. A tree lopper or pole pruner having telescopic functionality really helps to make tree pruning and lopping at a higher level much less dangerous since the operator has feet securely on the floor.
Pole Pruner | Telescopic Pole Pruner | Pole Saw

Where to Buy Pole Pruners and Loppers

There is certainly a good choice of pole pruners together with pole saws for sale and can readily be uncovered by simply browsing online. Stihl pole saws are certainly well-liked but you will find additional producers that manufacture first-rate loppers such as Ryobi as an example.

Small trees can be pruned by the practically minded amateur gardener but it is very important to know how to safely and securely lop trees using pole pruners and telescopic tree pruners.

If in doubt do the sensible thing for your own health and safety and make a call to a professional tree surgeon.